Q&A – Wedding Planner

Schwartz-Bazan - 2014-06-13 - 8

Q. Will I be active in the planning of my event?
A. Of course. A wedding planner/consultant acts as a team member and confidant to assist you in planning the perfect event. In your initial meeting, you can communicate the level of participation you wish to have in the process.

Q. Will you be at my ceremony & reception?
A. Yes! I will be at all events unless otherwise communicated to you. Depending on your level of service selected, I will also be with you during your rehearsal, site/venue selections, vendor selections, and wedding dress/bridal shop selections.

Q. Can you assist with finding unique vendors?
A. Sure! Whether you are planning an exotic themed event, or you are looking for a popular Top 40 DJ or band at your reception, we will fulfill your every request (as long as it’s legal) when it comes to the planning of your event.

Q. Can you “run” the rehearsal?
A. Yes. Sometimes ministers, priests, and rabbis are unavailable for wedding rehearsals, but rest assured that in the event of their absence, I will serve as your wedding rehearsal guide and communicate all details to your ceremony officiant.

Q. What are your fees? What is included?
A. It depends… Each wedding is different, and one couple may require more planning services than the next couple I work with.

Q. What is the difference between day-of coordination and full-service consulting?
A. There are many. But the main difference is the amount of planning services a client receives. Day-of coordination is designed for couples who have completed their wedding plans and want someone to ensure their event runs smoothly and to their satisfaction. Consultation clients receive this service, plus the benefit of assistance with the selecting, hiring, and negotiation of vendors in addition to dozens of other services.

Q. How much access will I have to you?
A. As much as needed! I am always available to you by text, email or phone.

Q. How do I become a client?
A. Just Contact Us! You can use the form on the Contact Us page, call me at 941-544-1230, or email eleganteventplanners@outlook.com. We will set up a meeting for your Initial Consultation in a location that is convenient for all of us.