Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

7 Sentimental Ways to Memorialize a Loved One at Your Wedding

Your wedding will be a joyous day in your life, but it can be difficult if you’ve lost someone close to you and they cannot be with you to share your day. While nothing can take the place of loved ones who have passed on, there are many meaningful and subtle ways to honor their memories during your wedding celebration. It’s really up to the bride and groom to determine what is best for them. For many, this is a very important part of their ceremony.

If you are considering a memorial for a loved one at your wedding, here are some ideas to consider:

• Use their favorite flowers at your wedding
• Setup a memorial table at the ceremony venue and include photos and other mementos
• Place a photo and a bible on an empty chair
• Play their wedding song at your reception or your ceremony
• Make a special tribute to them in your wedding program
• Carry a photo of them with you down the aisle
• Light a candle in their honor and place it at the guest book table

If you prefer to use a memorial candle, a floating memorial candle & frame set is a special way to honor your loved ones. A lovely wide glass vase is engraved with the words “Forever in our Hearts… Forever in our Lives” across the top and bottom. A personalized name and date can be engraved in the center of the vase and along the bottom of the frame. This a touching tribute during the ceremony, but also becomes a special treasure for years to come.

Paying a special tribute to a loved one who has passed is a uniquely personal decision. You know your relationship with that person best, so don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or says. Whatever you decide to do is going to be absolutely perfect for you … and that’s all that matters.