Planning Packages




Imagine: You say what you’re looking for, and you’re given a list of possibilities and options that perfectly fit your style. If you need any suggestions, advice, or just a logistical wall to bounce your inspiration ball off of, I’m always available. All of your appointments are made for you, around your schedule. And, I’m by your side at each meeting to ask the questions you didn’t realize you needed to and to make sure that you’re always satisfied that the wedding or event of your dreams is being brought to life. Will put together an organizational worksheet that will get you clear on how we’re going to create your wedding or event…everything that will get done from now until the Big Day. A customized budget will be discussed. I’ll show you how to get the most out of your money, wherever it goes. A guest list spreadsheet will be developed which will help you understand the true scope of your wedding or event and get you excited for a wonderful day. As we continue to work together, you’re really starting to enjoy this! There’s someone there to do all the worrying for you, and all of the work. You ask for what you want. Day-Of Coordination Service is included, of course – you won’t have a to-do list on the day of your wedding or event. I will be on-hand to anticipate your every need and to make sure that everything is taken care of and flows seamlessly. Your only job is to enjoy the day – enjoy the joy! – with the love of your life at your side.




You’ve got all the pieces set, but you need someone else to pull them together and ensure that your wedding runs flawlessly.
Picture this: You wake up on the morning of your wedding, filled with joy and anticipation. It’s going to be a wonderful, beautiful day. You’re going to be surrounded by everyone you love, your favorite people in the world. There is no checklist, and there are no problems for you to solve. You know that everything is taken care of, and you and your family don’t have to worry about a thing. I arrive during your hair and make-up session to see if you need anything before I go to your ceremony and reception site. As you walk into your wedding, you see that everything has been done according to your specifications. You are calm, collected and happy that this day is finally here, and you can watch your wedding or event vision unfold. Your smile at the beginning of the aisle is genuine and heartfelt, and is only exceeded by your smile at the end of the aisle – You’re married! During your reception, your heart leaps as you see all the plans you’ve worked so hard on come to fruition. All of your guests are well-taken care of and having a great time. And at the end of the night, you realize you were right this morning – it has been a wonderful, beautiful day. And you’ve been able to enjoy it! Isn’t this what you want your wedding to feel like?




Any additional assistance, guidance or support you need to either start your planning process, or complete your day. Includes Day-of Coordination.
This is a very popular option for out-of town couples who are planning a “hometown” or destination wedding or event. Or, for short engagements or even shorter elopements that need a little more help on the back-end! I’ve found replacement photographers, DJs, chairs, budget friendly peonies, shamed corporate bridal shops in order to get results for my couples, negotiated hotel contracts and locked down up lights in a snap.
So, how can I help You?
Pricing for Day-Of/Month-Of/Partial Planning is customized for each couple, based on your wedding or event date, guest count, and the level of assistance you need to complete your wedding or event day plans.